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five hours (saturdays)

R1 500pp

no experience required

For the individual who depends on the drinking of coffee more than the average individual

|  everything espresso related

|  espresso machine and grinder maintenance

|  how grind size affects extraction rate 

|  over vs under extraction

|  looking at all the variables that influence pulling the perfect espresso

|  what an espresso should taste like

|  brew ratios

|  looking at the espresso machine and the grinder

|  dialling in grinders

|  looking at all the variables that influence pulling the perfect espresso

|  under vs over extraction 

|  milk dynamics

|  pouring the perfect cappuccino and latte



five hours (saturdays)


no experience required

For the home enthusiast & coffee lover

|  history of coffee

|  knowing and understanding the difference between Arabica and Robusta

|  harvesting and processing

|  tasting varieties of coffee from around the world

|  looking at different grind sizes

|  brewing coffee in different filter style methods - V-drip / Aeropress / plunger / siphon



one week (monday - friday)

six hours per day

R5 200pp

no experience required

Become the best of the best, anything from pulling the perfect shot of espresso to throwing a swan to opening up your own coffee shop! A few points covered:

|  history of coffee  and where it is today

|  different varieties of coffee 


*single origin, blended, fairtrade, decaf & instant 


|  where coffee grows 

| harvesting & processing and how this affects flavor

| coffee grading and distinguishing specialty coffee over cash crops

| roasting & roast profiles

| coffee cupping

| machine maintenance

| grinder to grinding to pulling the perfect shot and various variables

| under vs over extraction

| milk dynamics & frothing techniques

| developing latte art

| developing a coffee menu

| costing & profits

| setting up a coffee bar for more efficient flow

| customer service facets 

| world barista competition basics


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