Variety Box

Order our variety box with the full set of our Series 01 JUST SHORT cocktails. Contents include:


1x Paloma

1x Future Mary

1x Komodo

1x Cake (contains dairy)

1x Pina Kaleidoscope

1x Sweet Nothing

*Better price value than ordering the same set of bottles individually.


Send someone you love an awesome gift. That someone could also be you! You qualify because we think you're awesome. 


Birthdays, engagement parties, divorce parties, 'just because it's Friday' parties...

Variety Box

  • Directions:

    1. Grab a tall glass

    2. Fill with ice

    3. Add 35ml alcohol

    4. Top with JUST SHORT mixer


    Product information:

    Keep refrigerated | 2 month shelf life from bottling

    Contents may separate - gently rotate


    Garnish recommendation: basil bunch

    Serves two cocktails | Bottle size: 330ml

    Never drink alone

    Please recycle

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