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The JUST SHORT series is a range of bottled cocktails that is ready to serve, it's JUST SHORT the alcohol.


1. Grab a tall glass

2. Fill with ice

3. Add 35ml of alcohol 

4. Top with a JUST SHORT mixer


    the ease of enjoying great quality cocktails without the hassle


You are now able to enjoy great cocktails while foregoing the need to purchase additional items or the stress of having to make an additional ingredient. Perfect for when you're entertaining or when the drinks are just for you - you deserve it.



    the ability to add a base spirit of your own choosing

Each bottle in the series has been designed to be compatible with a range of spirits - check the bottle's label or the product's description to see what we recommend.



    the option to enjoy a cocktail without the need to add alcohol


Each variation in the series, although great with the addition of a spirit, has also been designed to be enjoyed without the need to add any alcohol - just as it is. This compatibility of the series is focused on those who enjoy the accompaniment of a spirit as well as those who may not - for personal reasons, religious views or anything else.